Public Classes

Please join me at various studios in Vancouver BC.

Teaching schedule:

Tuesdays                              6:00-7:30PM               Dharma Temple 
Wednesdays 9:30-11:00AM Semperviva
Thursdays                            6:00-7:30PM               Dharma Temple 
Fridays                                5:45-7:15PM                Semperviva
Saturdays                             12:00-1:15PM               Dharma Temple 




A monthly women's gathering around the fullness of the moon
Dance . Song. Ceremony. Silence

Next gathering Thursday Feb.21.2019
7:45pm-9:15pm $22
Register | location: Dharma Temple


Teacher Trainings

200 hr + 300hr
teacher trainings

Teacher Trainings

200 hr + 300hr
teacher trainings


200 Hour, Venice, CA 2019
Practices of Self Love

with Jana Roemer and Sasha Bahador
with guest teacher Kat Villian


Gather: April 12 - 14th

Root: May 16 - 19th.    ** Katonah asana intensive **

Reclaim: July 12 - 14th        

Align: August 16 - 18th

Express: Sept 13 - 15th

Embody: October 5 - 12th   ** RETREAT ** 

Fridays: 5 - 9pm
Saturdays: 8am - 6:30pm
Sundays: 8am - 5pm
*Intensive runs Thurs - Sun 8:30am - 5:30pm

Location: A private Venice home.
The retreat is at a sweet, little retreat center at the entrance to the Sequoia forrest.  Details given upon registration.Details given upon registration.


Technique + Practices: Kat will teach Katonah Yoga postural alignment which puts you in the center of yourself so you can reference center while radiating out to circumference. Using a Daoist approach & sacred geometry, you will fashion fits in your body that reform the depths of your being. The specific fit not only fits your own body but the universe as well, as the canon of man is the canon of the universe. The poses in the practice are an archetypal form, yearning to harmonize itself to the tune of the universal. We change ourselves using this map. This form has memory, presence & a future function. Katonah Yoga is a structural practice that works in the joints and bones, setting up a proper form so that we can flush the organs and glands. We use ourselves to help ourselves, leveraging, reforming & using everything to our advantage. We play for the reformation & the liberation.  (this is where Kat nerds out!)

 Silent meditation utilizing two main techniques: Mantra meditation & body scan style meditation.

 Pranayama {breath work} will be a daily practice during this training. We will explore how to strengthen the diaphragm through breath and understand that this is the root of your core strength in a multitude of ways.

 Sequencing. The Art of Adjustments. Sanskrit. Mantra. (this is where Sasha nerds out!)

 Yoga Nidra is used as a practical technique to integrate the teachings (to learn to guide yoga nidra is a stand alone course or also part of the 300 hour curriculum later in 2019). Development of a home practice.

Anatomy + Physiology: Physical anatomy: muscular skeletal systems, cardio vascular systems, intro to the endocrine / nervous systems. Energetic anatomy - bandhas, chakras, koshas, vayus, and intro to meridians. Basic non-systematic nutrition. All taught in the context of how it is relevant to your yoga practice and teaching.

Philosophy: Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Karma, Dharma, Samskaras, Buddhist philosophy, bits of Astrology and a chat on the history of yoga. The philosophy will be relevant to today's world and your life so you can put it to work for you as we go.

The Mind: The Nature of the Mind. How breath work, mantra and meditation helps calm your mind. Looking at scientific and mystical perspectives. (This is where Jana nerds out!)

Teaching Methodology: Leadership, voice work, taking the seat of the teacher, clear concise cuing. Theming yoga classes. Studentship. The business of yoga. Studio vs. privates vs. corporate teaching gigs.

With a decade of experience, this will be the 12th 200hr YTT Jana has facilitated. Jana and Sasha work in intuitive and loving ways to help coax your truth to the surface. You will receive personal coaching, participate in mind bending group discussions and refine your skills as a teacher through teaching practicums guiding each other in meditation, yoga asana, and breathwork.

 Course Tuition / Investment: 
$500 deposit due by March 12th and goes toward your tuition
{Deposit is non-refundable}

***Depending on the type of room you choose, the retreat will be an additional $750 - 1800. Retreat meals will be beautiful, organic, vegan dishes prepared by Julien and Jai of fork. life. moon.***

deposit in by Feb 15th + paid in full by March 15th :: $2900 USD
Deposit in by Feb 15th + paid in full by April 6th :: $3100 USD
Payment Plan available :: $3300USD
by March 1st -- $800 deposit + 5 payments of $500 due on the 15th of each month, March - July

Retreat fees due by June 28th.
* includes course manual + snacks, tea + some meals during the training *

Cancellation Policy:
Before March 1st, 100% refund minus the $500 non-refundable deposit
After March  1st, 50% refund minus the $500 non-refundable deposit
After April 1st, no refunds

300 Hr Yoga Teacher Training
Jana RoemerSasha Bahador
2019 -- 3 weekly mondules

Collectively, Sasha and Jana have over two decades of this work under their belts. They work in intuitive and loving ways to help coax your truth to the surface. You will receive personal coaching, participate in brilliant group discussions and refine your skills as a teacher through teaching practicums  and guiding each other in meditation, yoga asana, breathwork and yoga nidra.These trainings are opportunities to get to know yourSelf.

Technique + Practices: Vinyasa Flow + yin. Subtle Body Practices: Yoga Nidra, meditation, pranayama techniques, self observation, intuition building practices. Bhakti Practices. Frequency and vibration are languages you will begin to translate and sound will take on new meaning as we look at conscious use of language and Mantra methodology. Moon mapping. Adjustments. Sequencing.

Anatomy + Physiology: Conscious + emotional anatomy, vital primary energy systems, the brain and nervous system, the endocrine system. 

Philosophy: Astrology, Sutras, Manifestation. Intro to Shamanism: hosting ceremony, the four gateways + directions and the five elements. Ritual. Conversations and contemplations of yogic philosophies will provide opportunities to open your mind in perspective shifting and freedom granting ways.

The Mind: The unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds and how we can expand our awareness to awaken to the multi-layers and dimensions of existence. We will look at the subconscious programs that run behind the scenes of your awareness, directing the attention and actions of the conscious mind and then learn tools to evolve. What exists beyond thought? Transform limiting beliefs into liberating beliefs. Sankalpa development. BodyMind intuition.

Teaching Methodology: Subtle body cuing. Building powerful client relationships. Designing workshops and retreats -- both curriculum development and logistics. The business of yoga. Online yoga and meditations. Social media in the yoga world. 

This training is also an opportunity for you to step away from your everyday and welcome a metamorphosis. 

Tuition / Investment: $3600 USD
$1000 deposit due upon registration, $500 of which is non-refundable
$2600 due 30 days before day 1

** payment plans available**
* Travel, food + Accommodations separate

Cancellation Policy:
90 days before day 1, 100% refund minus the $500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit
30 - 89 days before day 1, 50% refund minus the $500 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit
Within 30 days of start date, no refunds.




















I am here as a guide and sacred council.
Sampling of the ways I could serve you:

  • Cueing + Mantra +Voice authenticity
  • Intro to learning how to talk + listen to your body
  • Planning Theme + concepts for classes
  • Planning micro + macro sequencing templates for classes
  • Intro to Shamanic studies: 4 direction teachings
  • Intro to facilitation skills
  • Facilitating Women's work/circles
  • Herstory: learning the lineage of sacred feminine
  • much more...

1 hour: $111
3 Sessions: $300
3 months: $500
6 months: $850

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Sleep YourSelf Awake   
with Sasha Bahador + Jana Roemer
a Transformational Yoga, Dream + Yoga Nidra Retreat 


November 2nd - 9th, 2019

Xinalani, Yoga Retreat in Mexico. A luxurious, eco-chic retreat center on a private beach, backing onto untouched jungle provides a beautiful opportunity to step away from your everyday life, into the grounded teachings of nature to Sleep YourSelf Awake. 

This retreat will have you awake inside your dreams (dream mapping) and sleeping yourself into awareness (yoga nidra). This is an exploration of the subconscious mind and the autonomic systems of the body to see what can be cleaned up and decide how you want to reprogram your systems to set the foundation what is to come. 

Sasha + Jana have spent thousands of hours co-facilitating 200 + 300 hour yoga teacher trainings + retreats together. We recognize that many of you are on a quest for awakening + self discovery with an insatiable hunger to deepen your practice. We have decided to offer a little more than your typical yoga retreat. There will be optional workshops as part of your experience. 


Workshops with Jana:

Map the Nervous System to Freedom: We will take a look at the Autonomic Nervous System and it's dialogue between your breath, your heart and your hormones. What you can do to flip the switch from unconscious programs and triggers from running your show to being portals to healing.

Tools to transform harmful programs that bond us to our wounds into supportive conditioning that ultimately liberates us (including Sankalpa Development for your Yoga Nidra practice). 

Map to the Collective Unconscious: Astrology 101 & a look into your own birth chart (you'll want to track down your birthtime for this workshop!)

Private Natal Chart Readings: Book one on one time with Jana to have her peek into you natal chart and decode the language of your chart.


Workshops with Sasha:

Dream Mapping: Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Medicine Wheel - find your gateway and a guided journey.

Body Mapping:  Your body is always speaking to you. It has it's own language which we can learn to pay attention to by understanding it's map and then clear out our storage out our storage house before it becomes dis-ease.  

Private Readings: This is an opportunity to work with Sasha one on one. 

There will be an optional Temazcal. A temazcal is a type of sweat lodge which originated in ancient Mexico with Prehispanic indigenous people.During this solemn and symbolic ceremony, a Shaman will guide you through this ancient ritual and invoke the four elements to purify your mind, body and soul to propel you forward, day after day.  


Sample Schedule:
7a  Tea & Coffee
8 - 10a  Morning meditation, Yoga and/or yoga nidra Practice
10 -11a  Breakfast
Optional workshops with Sasha + Jana
1:30-2:30p  Lunch
Optional Private Readings with Sasha + Jana
5:00-6:15p  Evening Yoga or Yoga Nidra Practice
7:30-8:30p  Dinner
**Please be flexible as we might adjust the flow once we’re down there**

Investment: starts at $1555

Click here for pictures of the rooms and more information about the investment.

Tuition includes taxes, tips, airport transfers, seven nights accomodation, three delicious healthy meals a day, yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, daily workshops! {Spa, surf lessons, zip line, Temazcal, private session with Jana or Sasha, wine and beer are extra}

Email tribe@sashabahador.com for more details. 

Here's where we are heading:

Join us at the award winning Xinalani eco-resort and a leading center for yoga retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that brings together the best yoga facilities, beautiful eco-chic accommodations, delicious healthy food and a supportive staff to make your dream retreat come true, all set on a wide pristine beach and a jungle of breathtaking natural beauty.

Xinalani Retreat is set amongst 10 acres of splendid unspoiled jungle on the southern shore of Banderas Bay. Only 12 miles south of Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR).  There is no road access, we will arrive by shuttle and short boat ride, so it will be like being on our own remote island.

The eco build construction method of Xinalani (which means “seeds” in pre-hispanic language) was extremely organic. No concrete, no land modification. They never cut a single tree, and hardly pruned any branches.  All guests are provided with high-end eco-friendly soaps and shampoo. They use natural and biodegradable cleaning products, recycle, and compost whenever possible in an attempt to minimize environmental impact.

Xinalani offers healthful cuisine with some seafood and chicken. They also offer vegan and gluten free options.  

A full spa is on the property and various excursions are available including ziplining, scuba diving, Stand up paddleboard and surf lessons. Complementary sea kayaks and snorkel gear are available for our use.

** For boat transportation purposes, book an arrival flight that lands no later than 4:30 PM and a departure flight that takes off no earlier than 11:00 AM. ** 

We look forward to hanging out with you in paradise!!


Real Talks

real talks

Real Talks

real talks


In some deeeeep real talks with Kent Brun.
Was akin to therapy actually...covered much ground (almost 2 hours) on life, death, reincarnation, dream space, teaching, migration, tribe, great spirit, ceremony, oh and batman.

Honourable mentions made: Ally BogardJana Renee RoemerLaurie Inouye, Jessie Fiddler-Kiss, and my familia Behyar Bahador & Tousymoco