This month's inspiration has been rich and challenging medicine to drink.  Much call to action, howl of change for me, spirit no longer negotiating her terms, rather sending with full force her message to my windowsill, dream space and every day life. 

Just when it seems like I know what it means to trust, let the winds come without fear, how many times does spirit have to prove herself to me before I remember longer than a few days, not to question the directions of her winds?  It seems, I need reminder often and I'm thankful she sends them as often as I need it, lest I forget for too long.

"Raven teach me to ride the winds of change. Perch where the wind comes at you full force. Let it blow you apart till your feathers fly off and you look like hell, then abandon yourself. The wind is not your enemy. Nothing in life is. Go where the wind takes you. Higher. Lower. Backwards. The wind to carry you forward will find you when you are ready, when you can bear it".

-Margaret Wheatley

Fire within me

Each month, you can find elements of what I find beauty filled and inspiring on this page. Each image, love note, essence is hand collected by me and displayed on my altar wall.

I have had a fear of 'artistic expression' since exiting childhood at some point, exactly when & why has yet to reveal itself to me.  But it is very real.  If you want to see my 'deer in headlights' look, just ask me to draw you something (I will probably hyperventilate). 
Words, poems, ceremony and taking fotos are my current outlet of personal creative expression until I unblock the rest.  This month's gathering of beauty and heart is inspired by the ways spirit whispers, and sometimes screams her guidance our way. I am listening.   

"Creativity is a shape changer.  One moment it takes this form, the next that. It is like a dazzling spirit who appears to us all, yet is hard to describe for no one agrees on what they saw in that brilliant flash."     -Clarissa Pinkola Estes 'Women who run with Wolves'